Welcome to CNI Nigeria

It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself to you as the new country CEO for CNI Nigeria. Nigeria indeed is a beautiful country with beautiful people. CNI distributors in Nigeria are among the best in the world. I have heard incredible stories of your sacrifice, hard work, resilience and perseverance, and I am so proud of you all.

A am happy to inform you of CNI Corporation’s full involvement and takeover of CNI Nigeria.  I am also delighted that I would be working with you as your new CEO. My team and I are looking forward to joining you in Nigeria, and if the feeling of excitement and anticipation is anything to go by, it signifies the start of a wonderful future for us all in CNI Nigeria. 2014 promises to be a very exciting year with very special packages. A future where there would be no more product scarcity. A future in which there would be fantastically rewarding bonuses and incentives to give you the lifestyle of your dreams. It is also a future of the new PRP JV BDP that offers one of the best payouts in MLM history.

It is also a future of recognition, hard work and serious training. Leadership/training schools would be setup, which would guide you towards better understanding of your CNI business, train you in product knowledge and sharpen your business skills, and help you realize the full potential of your CNI business.

We assure you that all logistics bottlenecks would be eliminated. We are working on an impeccable branch network to aid our distribution channels and ensure that all distributors are serviced promptly. We will be establishing regional offices in all geographical regions of the country to achieve this.

We welcome those of you who are not yet part of the CNI family to join us immediately and be part of the winning team.

The timing has never been better to be involved with CNI. Let the future begin!



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